Be Determined To Find Joy

I lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 2005-2007, and I used to go down the street, cut through the woods to come out in a neighborhood where I could walk. One day, I walked by to see a large puddle with a duck in it. I burst out laughing. The duck seemed offended and waddled off babbling. I saw him in it later on and just walked by, smiling. To me, he seemed determined to float on that pond regardless of how small it was. It was somewhat deep due to heavy rains, and it was enough there for him … Continue reading Be Determined To Find Joy

Video to touch your soul

I made a video of my photography with the most beautiful song that always makes me teary: Mree In your eyes. I tried YouTube but there are Copyright restrictions. So It is on my Pinterest board: refresh. Go to: @jenniferunderwoodaeaj on Pinterest to see it. Continue reading Video to touch your soul

Bring the Outdoors Inside

I was watching a Korean Home Vlog: Cardsu, and she had a flat container, and put moss on it, with rocks. Bells went off in my head. I love nature, and want badly to have greenery in my room before the Winter kills it all. Leaves have already took over the yard. So I went and grabbed a plant holder, put soil in it, and took a knife outside, and dug up various areas of grass and clovers, and put them inside, then watered it. Took only a few minutes, and is an excellent idea. I always felt nature cheered … Continue reading Bring the Outdoors Inside

Add a little beauty

More and more, I am seeing that a secret to a contented life lies in beauty around me. I went for a walk today up the road, and took photos of fall leaves, and hated that they would die son, but still want to enjoy every last second of it. I picked Carmelias in our yard that every grow every year until around Christmas. They outlast some snow and cold weather. I picked two vases full, one for my desk tabled as shown, one for my vanity. I urge you to go look around near your house, at a park, … Continue reading Add a little beauty

What works for you?

Loud and clear, I know me. I know creation and nature is so important to me it is my refreshment. For you, it could be that, or something else. Ask yourself today, what is it that wakes me up? Relaxes me? Helps me? Refreshes me? Every morning, regardless of the time of year, I wake up and fling open the blinds fast. I wake up late, usually at 10 am so the sun is pretty bold by then. On rainy days, it takes a lot not to get depressed. I love late afternoon, early evenings, I want to sit and … Continue reading What works for you?

Reasons to love Fall

My favorite place in the field below my house has interesting fall colors. The leaves haven’t changed over here and won’t a whole lot. This is the south, and the conditions have hardly ever been right for the past decade or more. So when I see leaves hanging off a tree like the one above, I stop and take notice. The contrast of yellow against green is strong. As I walked in the high grass, I stopped and noticed tiny little purple daises, or what looked liked them, and these tiny purple flowers that were odd looking growing in the … Continue reading Reasons to love Fall

A Walk in the Yard

I often take laps around my front yard. I live in the woods and don’t like walking on the gravel road because deer often jump out and I hear footsteps of other scary creatures, so I stick to the front yard. I love walking in late afternoon, and as I round the corner, the late day sun hits my face. I keep smelling something in the air since its October, it has a very distinct smell but I can never put my finger on it. I notice the little things. Grass blades sticking up in the sun, tiny purple flowers, … Continue reading A Walk in the Yard